Lead Crystal Glass Skull.. Life Size.. Anatomically Accurate.. Removable Mandible

An informative, sequence on the making of these Skulls can viewed on this journal.

This life size, anatomically correct, lead crystal skull was first meticulously hand crafted in soft modeling wax.
Employing the lost wax casting process it was encased in a plaster investment which had the wax steamed out leaving a cavity in the form of the original wax. The now hollow mould, with sufficient glass, is placed into the electric, computer controlled kiln.
Lead Crystal Skull
Fired to approximately 850 degrees centigrade, melts the lead crystal into the mould. A full week is required to gradually cool and anneal the glass, removing stress, before the encasement is carefully broken away revealing the kiln cast skull.
To achieve the fine, detailed finish requires many patient hours hand working and polishing the entire surface.
Glass Skull Cast Lead Crystal
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