During the insatiable quest for relevant knowledge pertaining to jade carving a passage from an old reprint describing ancient Chinese values made an indelible influence. Astute jade collectors of old would look for two very important qualities ‘The jade be so well carved it denied being carved by a mere mortal.’ Termed a demon carving or spirit carved. The other sought for attribute being 'The jade carving appeared be imbued with life.’ As though the creatures or flora could move of their own volition. Discovering these words in the mid ‘70s permanently altered Donn’s perspective toward carving and design. Recognition of the mystical energies stone age cultures believed of jade gave rise to a whole new appreciation for this ‘Stone of the Heavens’


Awakened consciousness for this ‘Gift of the Gods’ gave rise to an enriched evolvement of contemporary, carved jade. Either abstract or fanciful representations, simple or complex now exude these ancient mores. Awards have been won and commissions, which grace the necks of the most humble wearer of a simple greenstone drop pendant
also sit in the archives of Royalty. Today, decades later, the inspiration of those words is still the major influence permeating all works undertaken. Whether it be jade, a beach pebble, precious metal, cast bronze sculpture or kiln fired, lead crystal glass.

Hand Carved N.Z. Jade Manaia. Spirit Guardian and Ancestor messenger. All bear the unique quality of suggesting there be
more than just the material. A mysterious ‘something’ beyond?? A Life essence??? Indeed. A Gift of the Gods!
Sculptured Chatoyant Jade 'Pod'
Kiln cast lead crystal glass is also another skill Donn has largely developed as an extended expression of himself.
Small, hand held entities radiate a benign energy imparting a sense of eternal calm. Vastly different colors enhance the individual pieces creating a subtle mood change.
Donn Salt Jade Caring 2
Donn Salt Jade Carving 4
Donn Salt

Donn Salt